The provider Infomaniak give for free SSL certificate through "Let's Encrypt" organization. How should we configure Drupal 7 to make it work?

How to add manually the language switcher block in your template?

How is possible to add an empty link into a Menu?

In fact Drupal needs a specific internal or external path for each link of a menu.

A small module can provide the answer.

How is possible to add .img-responsive class by default on images with Drupal?

Drupal's cache system is pretty simple. Basically, you can cache all pages trough the administration. But what happen if you need to exclude a page from caching?

How to create an PHP redirection. What are the solutions ?

Use Underscores ("_s") and Bootstrap to create a starter template for Wordpress.

How can I create a multilingual website on Drupal?

Query the most commented posts as a list in wordpress, the right way (not query_posts, see why).

If you give to your authentificated users the permission to administer menus and menu items, then all the menu including the navigation menu will be accessible. This could be a real problem, especially when you need that the authentificated users can only acces to the main menu. The module Menu Admin per Menu is here to solve this problem !