In this post, we will install Jekyll on a recent MacBook Pro running Yosemite 10.10 OS. Apparently, installing Jekyll on recent MacBook Pro could be problematic. The error ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension appears in the terminal.


Sass ( is a great CSS extension. I will not write more about it. The main goal of this article is to quickly present how to install sass on Mac.

The provider Infomaniak give for free SSL certificate through "Let's Encrypt" organization. How should we configure Drupal 7 to make it work?

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How is possible to add an empty link into a Menu?

In fact Drupal needs a specific internal or external path for each link of a menu.

A small module can provide the answer.

How is possible to add .img-responsive class by default on images with Drupal?

Drupal's cache system is pretty simple. Basically, you can cache all pages trough the administration. But what happen if you need to exclude a page from caching?

How to create an PHP redirection. What are the solutions ?

Use Underscores ("_s") and Bootstrap to create a starter template for Wordpress.

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