Add an empty link into a Menu

How is possible to add an empty link into a Menu?

In fact Drupal needs a specific internal or external path for each link of a menu.

A small module can provide the answer.

The Special Menu Items is a very handful module that will help to provide empty link into your menu. More specifically, it provides placeholders and sperator menu items. (

Which means that Special Menu Items has different features :

  • adding <separator> in the path field, will render by default "-------"
  • add <nolink> in the path field, will render by default a <span> tag

You can easily change the default configuration and add your own tag (admin/config/system/special_menu_items).

Personally, I usually add a <a href="#"> into the nolink field and a <span> tag into the separator field.

This module have been created by a swiss developper, Simon Pedrisat, also known as Gargarine (, Many thanks for this useful module!