How is it possible to share an access to Google Analytics with another user (for example a client) ?

How can I use clean URLs with Drupal ? It is especcially needed to make readable URLs but also for good SEO.

How to use Bootstrap layout with Display Suite ? Sometimes, the default layouts of Display Suite are not the best to work with Bootstrap Framework.
A module can provide it !

Final nodes are displayed always in the same way. How is it possible to change the layout of a node ? Well, as panels module, Display Suite provide a simple drag and drop interface to modifiy the node's display. And this is just a few things Display Suite can do ! 

Install CKEditor

  • Download the module
  • Activate the module Configure the module in /admin/config/people/captcha. For example, select the form_ID comment_node_article_form and select the challenge type Math (from module captcha). In that exemple, all comment form in the article content type will display a match captcha at the end of the form.
  • Documentation on


Download the translation file 

Installing a language before installing Drupal Download the language file from the translation server